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Victorinox Trademark Protection Policy

Victorinox AG, with its headquarters in Ibach-Schwyz, Switzerland, and its subsidiaries (together “Victorinox”) are the owner i.a. of the following protected trademarks: Victorinox, Swiss Army, SwissgearWenger (and further combinations thereof).

Victorinox is protecting and defending these trademarks rigorously and globally. Therefore, the Trademark Protection Policy detailed as follows must be abided by all third parties.

1. Usage of protected trademarks, logos and imagery

1.1 Third parties may not use Victorinox trademarks in website domain names (i.e. not allowed:; allowed:, unless formally approved in previous agreements.

1.2 If third parties have registered a domain and/or are running a Victorinox-related website using a domain that is infringing Victorinox’ intellectual property rights, then the content must be moved to another domain, which is in compliance with point 1.1. The registered domain must be transferred to Victorinox immediately. Please contact 
 to initiate the necessary steps.

1.3 Third parties may only use logos provided by Victorinox. Logos may not be modified in any way.

1.4 Third parties may not use logos or designs in a way that could mislead the customer and/or make the customer believe he/she is on a website that is operated by Victorinox. On third party websites, it must always be clear to the user that the website is not operated by Victorinox. It is particularly not allowed to use the Victorinox logo in the top left corner of a webpage.

1.5 Third parties may not copy or imitate Victorinox designs or the look and feel of official Victorinox websites.

1.6 All texts and product descriptions on Victorinox' official websites (incl. Wenger and “New & Noteworthy” Blog) are copyright-protected and may not be used without prior written consent from Victorinox.

1.7 Third parties may only use official product imagery as provided by Victorinox via its media center. Images may not be modified without prior written consent.

2. Product Modification, Advertising and Selling 

2.1 Third parties may not offer, sell or distribute any Victorinox products that are customized with designs or otherwise modified in a way that infringes upon our trademarks, is unfair or illegal. Any modification with commercial purposes requires prior and formal approval by Victorinox. The only exceptions permitted are the blade and scale engraving.   

2.2 Third parties may not use any of Victorinox’s trademarks or any deviations thereof in Search Engine and Social Media advertisements (e.g. Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads). 


This policy takes effect as of October 1, 2016 and may be subject to amendments and changes at any time at Victorinox’ sole discretion. Additional conditions/policies may apply in certain countries and/or for certain Victorinox product categories. Please check with your local distributor or Victorinox subsidiary in case of doubt.


In case of questions regarding the Victorinox Trademark Protection Policy, please send an e-mail to 


Last updated: April 18th, 2022