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Swiss Army Knives

Digital Printing

Today, over 90% of the printing jobs we carry out at Victorinox use the B3 digital printing process. This method is suitable for everything from single color imprints to edge-to-edge photo printing in CMYK, resulting in impressive, detailed designs.

Pad Printing

Pad printing is used primarily for logos with up to four PMS colors. In this methos, ink is lifted with an elastic stamp from a steel plate that has been set up with an etched-in image, and then transferred to the knife handle to be printed. Resulting in a crisp, vibrant logo that will meet your branding guidelines exactly. It is the preferred method for any metallic colored designs.

Laser Engraving - Blade

Laser engraving is the perfect procedure for permanently decorating all blades of various sizes. Laser marking is done by removing layers from the surface of the top layer of the material. The etching can be done as a light mark or dark mark depending on the design and offers outstanding readability and durability.

Laser Engrave - Handle
Laser engraving is suitable for a range of surfaces including the wood handles on select Swiss Army Knives. On wood, this method creates a perception of depth that can also be felt by touch. In general, laser engraving features a high level of wear-resistance.

Digital Haptic 3D Printing

A unique, new, and innovative way to print thanks to the introduction of clear ink. Digital haptic 3D printing creates raised, textured surfaces that feel realistic to the touch. It provides a tactile 3D experience while maintaining the benefits of regular digital printing. This method is only done for large orders produced in Switzerland.