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Practical, Everyday Tool For The Office

The goal of a corporate branded Original Swiss Army Knife – to be part of every journey, no matter where you go.
125 years ago, Karl Elsener didn’t just invent a knife, he invented an attitude. His pocket knife can now be found exhibited in museums around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The Swiss Army Knive has become an icon and is regarded as the embodiment of multifunctionality, inventiveness and Swiss precision.
With infinite uses in and out of the office, our multitools make a perfect corporate gift to celebrate milestones, welcome new employees, show appreciation, and embody their own company's multifunctionality and heritage. 

Our 10 Most Popular Knives

You are no doubt familiar with the basic functions of our pocket knives: blade, can opener, bottle opener, screwdriver, corkscrew, tweezers and toothpick. You may also know that some Swiss Army Knives come with a wood saw, scissors, pen, or even a flashlight. 

Scroll through to review out 10 most popular Swiss Army Knives for Corporate Gifts. 

Helpful Solutions

The innovation and versitility of a Swiss Army Knife makes for a perfect corporate gift that fits the theme of just about any occasion. We're sharing a few examples of some of the favorite end user stories we've heard of how a company implemented the gift of a Swiss Army Knife as a perfect tool for their recipients. 


Enhance the Gift

Go the extra mile by including a notecard with your gift. We have predesigned 4x6 notecards that allow you to add your own message for the recipients. Additionally, we have a special size made to fit perfectly inside the kraft gift box of a Swiss Army Knife so that your short message of thanks is the first thing they see.